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Supermodel Pizza now delivers. 416-533-9099 or visit www.supermodelpizza.com for Hot, fresh and tasty food brought to your door. Eat In - Take Out and Delivery. From King St. to Dupont and Lansdowne to Spadina. We are under New Ownership so the prices have shrunk and the menu has expanded. Now offering Pizza, Panzerotti and Calzones, Hamburgers, Pastas, Salads and our famous Slices are also available for delivery. Supermodel Pizza - 772 College St at Shaw in the heart of Little Italy. Call or go online today for great tasting food, any way you like. History Established in 2010 Supermodel Pizza has had a host of owners over the years but the New Owner has a great history making quality pizza in Montreal and now here in Toronto. Always making sure that the customer gets fed a great hot meal our new delivery option should bring Supermodel Pizza to your home more often. So, here we GROW again. Expanding the menu and creating a nice wide delivery area. You've been here before and it's time to revisit Supermodel Pizza today. Be sure to check out the website for our Delivery Area, the Store Hours and the all new menu.

Supermodel Pizza Menu
Pizza -
Build your own or pick one of our Signature Pizzas.
Panzerotti and Calzones -
Big, tasty Panzerottis and Calzones. Build your own or choose one of our classic favourites
$4.95 and up
Hot Off the Grill -
Everything from hamburgers, hot dogs, fresh chicken breast to double bacon cheeseburgers. Just ask for your favourite toppings and remember it can now be delivered too.
$2.35 and up
Pasta Dishes -
Supermodel Pasta on the menu too. Spaghetti, Spicy Fusilli, Veal Parmesan and more. All Pasta Dinners are served with Fresh Garlic Bread. Add Melted Mozzarella to your Garlic Bread for only $1 more.
$6.95 and up
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